This activity is based on using the iPod Touch as a creative and authentic means of storytelling.

Looking at a basic skill such as:
  1. How to catch public transport.
  2. Where to find the closest medical service.
  3. How to use a timetable/find your classes.

  • You are going to work in either pairs, a trio or by yourself.

  • Choose ONE topic to work on.

  • You are going to create a 10 step process on how to do these tasks.

  • Brainstorm and write down steps via a mindmapping tool or a journal app on the iPod Touch.

  • Then using ONE of the applications, tell your story. (Think outside the square!)

  • To enhance the learning, please add pictures to your story. (via screenshots and saved images).

  • Share and publish your story.

MindMap / Evernote
Step 1:
Set up an evernote account if you don't already have one: Evernote official website
Tap on the Evernote or Notes tool to open the App.
Step 2:
Select " New Note" for Evernote. (You could use a voice note instead for ideas)
Use Evernote (or Notes App to write down some ideas via TEXT tool).


Step 1:
Open this site: : (Web App) or Mindomo (Web App)
Step 2:
Create a mindmap for your ideas (Here is some ideas for "Catching Public Transport). Create a screenshot (Home and Sleep/Wake button-at the same time). It saves the picture to your iPhoto Folder.
_Home.jpg width="810" height="509"

iPod Touch Applications to use:
Animation: Flipbook Lite (free) Download from the App Store. Official Website for Tutorial and Help Videos.iTunes_Store.jpg
Step 1: Tap the App to open the program
Step 2: Open a new flipbook File (Click on the + Sign to start a new flipbook)
Step 3: Create a new slide for each page

Storybook Format:iTunes.jpg
Storykit (free) Download from the App Store. (Tap the App to open the program).
Step 1: Create new book Step 2: Add text Step 3: Add Some drawings/Paint text
(Step 4: Share!)

iTunes-12-1.jpgTumblr (free) Download from the App Store (Need to set up a Tumblr Account) Tumblr Official Website
Step 1: Set up a Tumblr account if you don't already have one
Step 1a) Tap the app to open the program.
Step 2: Choose which format you are going to use: Text or Audio.
Step 3: Your saved file will appear in your "Dashboard".

Mabame: You will have to sign up for an account to store your journal/photos. (Online Web App)
Step 1: Select New:
Step 2: Add post (this will save it to your journal)
Step 3: Collect some photos and save this in your photos
Step 4: Share.
Mobile_journal_and_album.jpg Mobile_journal_and_album-1.jpg

iTalk Recorder: (free) Download from the App Store (+ download iTalk Sync-so you can upload to your computeriTunes-23-1.jpgYou will need to use some form of microphone (i.e Apple Bud earphones with Mic) or other recording device specific for iPod Touch/iPhone.
Voice Memo (Native App)Apple_-_iPod_touch_-_Record_any_audio_you_want_with_Voice_Memos..jpg
Step 1:Tap the app to open the program.

Step 2: Choose your recording quality and then tap the BIG RED button.
Step 3: Edit your recording title and Email it to yourself.

Text to Voice: Speak it ($) Download from the App Store (Research a free option!)
Voice to Text: Quick Voice Pro ($) Download from the App Store (Research a free option) Official Website
Step 1: Tap the App to open the program.
Step 2: Create a new file. RECORD and then PLAY BACK. (Use STOP or PAUSE when playing back your recording).
Step 3: Email the file and it will convert it to TEXT.

Comic Touch Lite (free) Download from the App StoreiTunes-39-1.jpg Also ($) version.
Step 1: Tap the app to open the program.
Step 2: It will take you directly to your iPhotos App (select a photo you would like to work with).
Step 3: You can "change the picture with an effect".
Step 4: Add a speech bubble, and then create a comic It will save them for you and then email all the final results.


Pictures: Use Creative Commons Search to find pictures that are not affected by copyright.
Google Earth (free) Download from the App Store.iTunes-28-1.jpg
Step 1: Open up the Google Earth Icon.
Step 2: Click on the magnifying glass to enter your location and then press enter.
Step 3: It will give you compass directions and altitude on the bottom of the screen. Take a screenshot of the place you want to show.

Google Maps (free) Already on iPod
Step 1: Tap the app to open the program.
Step 2: Enter your location
Step 3: In the bottom RH corner (there is a little page turned up)-click on that to choose various options such as:
a) Drop Pin (for a specific location b) Hide Traffic C) Map d) Satellite e) Hybrid f) List
Step 4: Save the image.
iCoon ($) Download from the App Store (Research a free option)iTunes-20-1.jpg
Step 1: Tap on the App to open it.
Step 2: Choose your category.
Step 3: Take a screenshot of the picture (this will save it in your Photos Folder).
iTunes-61.jpg iTunes-60.jpg

Cooliris (Free) Download from App Store.iTunes-40-1.jpg
Step 1: Tap the App to open it.
Step 2: Search for your images either using your photos (need an image account such as Flickr or Picassa) or the SEARCH tool.
Step 3: You can choose which provider to search with: Google, YouTube, Flickr, Bing, Picassa, Twitter or Cooliris Discover
Step 4: Take a screen shot or save image.