Introduction Keynote:

Intro to iPods 101: Please go to this link for a beginner's guide to iPod touches.

An iPod Touch comes with certain apps that are stock standard such as Calendar, Notes, Maps, Calculator, Mail, Safari, Contacts, Stocks, Weather, Settings, YouTube, Voice Memo, Clock.

If you hear anyone talk about apps (otherwise known as applications) they come into three categories:
  1. Apps purchased from the App Store ($)
  2. Apps downloaded from the App Store (free)
  3. Web Apps (apps that you don't have to download-access thru Safari on your iPod Touch/iPhone).

**** is the address if you would like to access it via Google Docs. (Scavenger Hunt based on Native iPod Touch Apps).

**** is the address for the 2nd Scavenger Hunt based on Web Apps.

Tips and Tricks:

Links to Nings and websites relating to iPod Touches in Education:

  1. Apple's Website on Mobile Learning
  2. Apple Learning Interchange (ALI)
  3. Megan Iemma (
  4. Tony Vincent (
  5. Louise Duncan (Vic educator)
  6. Deon Scanlon (Tas) (
  7. Handheld Learning
  8. iPod Touch in the Classroom Ning (Stacey Kelly)
  9. iEAR (Education Apps Review Ning)
  10. Classroom 2.0 Ning

Applications for specific subject areas (Top 100 etc)
  1. 50 Apps to help you learn a new language.
  2. 10 online apps for note taking.
  3. 50 Useful Apps for Science Students and Teachers.
  4. 100 awesome Time Saving Apps for Students