This project looks at different types of learning that can be used in literacy activities. It shows that music can be also used to enhance the learning and outcomes.

Brief: To write 2 short paragraphs on your favourite passion/hobby.
  1. It can be drawn in pictures with words underneath.
  2. It can be spoken.
  3. It can be written down in poetry/rap.

  1. iTunes-34-1.jpg
    1. iTunes-48-1.jpgiTunes-49-1.jpg
  2. You will have to set up an evernote account with this app. This then give you the ability to sync your notes wirelessly to the evernote account. From there, you can publish your notes.
  3. Write or record your story first in Evernote or Notes (App) creating a new note (TEXT) or (VOICE)
  4. Save the file. It will be found in your NOTES folder.
    1. Apple_-_iPod_touch_-_Record_any_audio_you_want_with_Voice_Memos..jpgYou can also voice record it using iTalk or Voice Memo (App). You will need to use some form of microphone (i.e Apple Bud earphones with Mic) or other recording device specific for iPod Touch/iPhone. (See notes on Digital Storytelling Page).

  5. Practice it aloud with iPrompt or Auto Cue(like a tele-prompter)iTunes-27-1.jpg
    1. Choose what you are going to do with your document. Edit or Copy. (Picture 1)
    2. Edit the Document (shown here in Picture 2)
    3. Change the settings and how the text is presented on the screen (Picture 3)
  6. Decide what instruments you would like to accompany your "story". (via ipod Touch apps)
    1. Practice your rhythm and experiment with the different sounds.
  7. Suggested rhythm: We will rock you. (Short-Short-Long, Short, Short, Long). Here is a recording of what it sounds like:
    Practice a tune and experiment with the different notes.
  8. When you read your story out, the instruments will accompany your story.
    1. Nominate one person in the room to record your story. (Using Voice Memo or Voice Recording from Evernote).
  9. The instruments can improvise rhythms and melodies and be creative (BUT not to overshadow the person reading the story!)

external image moz-screenshot.jpg

Apps to use in project:
Autocue/iPrompt (Auto-cue app)
Kalimba (free) Download from the App Store
Free Piano (free) Download from the App Store
iPandeiro Lite (free) Download from the App Store
Drum kit Lite/Kanon Drums (free) Download from the App Store
Storykit (free) Download from the App Store
Evernote (free) Download from the App Store

Alternate Activities: Re-write a nursery rhyme and use the instruments to accompany the story.
Record your story via iTalk and instruments. (Perhaps for assessment)
(Have a look at the presentation here for some ideas)

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