Numeracy Project

Let's explore some apps that use functional and practical maths, which can be applied to anyone. This will show students that maths is handy in daily activities!!! A budget template is included that can be used to calculate a budget.

Use AppBox Lite to complete the first part of this lesson. AppBox Lite isn't just a single app. It contains a set of apps, and we will explore several of them in this lesson. Write down your results in Notes/Evernote to compare them.

Loan Calculator

  • Open the Loan Calculator by tapping on the Loan icon:
    1. Enter data in the loan calculator for the following loan: $5,000 to be paid off in 3 years at a rate of 9.5%, starting Jan 1, 2010.
    2. Notice the monthly payment, avg interest, total interest and total amount. You can also view the amortization schedule of payments.
    3. Curious about "% Amortization"? Google it on Safari!
    4. Compare 2 loan rates by tapping the A:B Comparison button on the lower right of the screen. Use this tool to answer the following:
      • What's the difference in total amount of a $2,000 loan amount over 6 months at an annual interest rate of 1.2% vs a 1.5% loan?

      • What's the difference in Monthly Payments of a $200,000 Loan Amount over 20 years at 5.9% vs 30 years at 4.7%?

    • Investigate current loan rates online and compare.

    • Search App Store for "Australia Banks" to download app for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.


  • Return to the app menu by tapping the AppBox Lite button in the (upper left of the screen)
  • Choose the Currency app. Use this tool to make the following currency conversions:currency_calc2.jpg
    1. $100 Australian to US Dollar
    2. $100 US Dollars to British Pound
    3. $100 British Pound to Euro


  • Return to the app menu by tapping the AppBox Lite button (upper left of the screen)
  • Choose the Unit app, then use this tool to:
    1. Convert 35° Celsius to Farenheit
    2. Convert 5 kilometers to miles


  • Return to the AppBox Lite main menu and choose the Clinometer app
  • Rotate the ipod to have an x axis value of 45
  • Press "Bubble" to get a spirit level. (Work out a surface what is straight!)


  • Exit AppBox Lite and return to the main menu of the iPod by pressing the home button on the iPod
  • Locate the Calculatorapp on your iPod and tap on it.
  • Convert the following to decimals
    • 11/8 = 11 ÷ 8 =
    • 13/20 = 13 ÷ 20 =
    • 3/9 = 3 ÷ 9 =
    • 3/3 = 3 ÷ 3 =
  • Turn the iPod horizontally and you will have access to a scientific calculator. Use this to compute the following:
    • 5³ = (Hint: Enter 5 then tap the x³ key)
    • 5% = (Enter the number, then tap the % key)
    • 50% =
    • Write a decimal approximation of pi accurate to 5 decimal places
  • Play Freddy Fraction- access this app from the Home Screen of your iPod

  • Under the Math Ref Free app, choose Trigonometry, then tap Unit Circle. Find 30°. Notice that this is equivalent to pi/6 radians
    • How many radians is 45°?
    • How many radians is 60°?
    • How many degrees is pi radians?


Use the budget planner below to do the following:
  • Calculate daily budget for food
  • Calculate weekly budget for transport
  • Calculate monthly budget for phone bill (mobile etc)

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