Tips and Tricks for your iPod:

(adapted from various websites)

To MAKE BIGGER: Swipe with two fingers outwards.
To MAKE SMALLER: Swipe with two fingers (bringing the image in).
To go to the next page flick your finger forwards or backwards.

1. Turn on/Off
Hold the sleep/wake button and the top of the iPod Touch/iPhone until it says "Slide to Power off" and then swipe to turn off. To turn back on, hold that same button again. There is always "Slide to unlock" so you don't accidentally open apps.

2. 3 Ways to get to the Search Page:

  • Scroll left from the home page to go to Search Page .
  • Press the home button once while on the Home Page.
  • Can set up home button so that if you tap it twice from any page then it goes to Home Page.


Use the screen keyboard to type in typable area:

3 . Screenshot: Press the power and home button, simultaneously, to take a screen shot. It is saved in your photos.

4. Copy and Paste:
  1. Double tap a word. (can also hold a word until the magnifying glass appears Release Options "Select" and "Select All" appear Pressing select or select all brings up the blue markers)
  2. Drag the blue markers to highlight your desired text Choose cut/copy.
  3. Double tap a typable area and press Paste

Also, to Delete with select:
  1. Select a fragment of text with the two blue markers
  2. Press backspace and delete the whole phrase/sentence/paragraph

5. Bookmarking a screen:
Place frequently visited websites, called "Safari Web Clips," on your iPod touch home page to act as bookmarks. Open up Safari and direct it to a website you want to add. Click on the "+" (plus sign) button and then touch the "Add to Home Screen" option.


6. Typing Tricks:
Is the QWERTY keyboard too small for you to use. Turn your iPod on the side to get a wider keyboard (some applications excluded).

  • Touch the “.?123″ key, but don’t lift your finger as the punctuation layout appears.Slide your finger a half inch onto the period or comma key, and release. The ABC layout returns automatically and you've typed a period or a comma with one finger touch instead of three. In fact, you can type ANY of the punctuation symbols the same way.
  • Fix your typing mistakes While typing you may realize you made a typo and need to go back to fix it. No problem! Press your finger to the screen and drag it to the character you want to change. A magnifying glass will appear to help you see exactly where the cursor is and will disappear when you release your finger.
  • Special Characters: While typing, keep holding any key on the keyboard for about 2 seconds and you see special characters associated with that particular character.
  • Double space adds “.” and a space.

7. To reboot iPod Touch:
  1. Hold in the power/sleep button for approx 6 sec until ‘slide to power off’ appears and then slide to power off. Then turn back on by holding the same power/sleep button until the apple logo appears.
  2. Hold the power/sleep button and the home button for approx 10 sec, ignoring the ‘slide to power off’ until the apple logo appears. This way can also be used as a hard reset if the iPod locks up on you.

8. Rearrange icons:
  • Reset your iPod touch home screen and re-arrange all of your Apps into alphabetic order, go to settings> general> reset> reset home screen layout
  • Move your apps by tapping and holding down on the icon and then dragging it to another screen.
  • Change the icons in the dock by pressing and holding and icon until they all shake, then drag them while they are shaking. Press the home button when you're done. You can put any 4 icons on your dock:


9. Fast-forwarding video/audio:
Press and hold the skip forward/back arrows to fast forward or rewind rather than skip tracks. Also, press on the album art to manually FF/rewind.

10. Alternate to swiping menu slides:
Tap bottom corner (left or right) of the slide and it will take you to the next slide.

11. Number of Screens Visible:
The most screens your iPod can display containing applications is 11 screens for OS 3.0 and above, 9 screens for any OS lower than 3.0, however you can load more applications onto the iPod but if you want to use them you will need to search them in the search screen.

12. Previewing a website link:
In Safari, hold a link to see the URL and site name.

13. Searching on your Touch:
Too many things coming up when you’re searching. Easy, filter your search:
Settings > General > Home > Search Results

14. Touch to remember new words:
Go to Google’s home page in Safari any type the words into the search field that you want the iPod Touch to remember. Then word should now be in the iPhone OS keyboard text database. When typing in Notes or another app the new words will be possible choices for completion. When a suggest completion word pops up, tap the space bar to use.



15. Turn the calculator into a Scientific Calculator:
Open up the calculator app and then turn the touch sidewards (to open up in landscape mode) and voila now a Scientific Calculator!

16. Listen to music.
Press the home button twice quickly brings up a music menu without escaping the current application.

17. Scroll to the top:
In any application, Safari included, you can automatically scroll to the top of the page by tapping on the "top bar", which has the time, service bars, and battery. In Safari, this not only brings you to the top of the page, but also brings up the URL bar.

18. Resetting the iPod Touch
Press and hold the Home button and the Sleep button to restart your iPhone. A white light will flash, the screen will shut off and then turn back on. Keep holding until the screen turns back on.

19. Save images from Web:
To save any image from the web to your camera roll, simply press and hold the image. A menu will appear asking "Save Image" or "Cancel". Once the image is in your camera roll, you can set it as your wallpaper.

20. Re-adjust pics or words to fit the page:
Safari browser, double tap any column, word, or picture to fit it's width to your iPhone's screen. This is extremely useful for reading blogs.

21. Shake to un-do and re-do typing:
If you had something else written before you started writing the sentence you chose to undo, it reverts back to that. If this was the first thing you wrote, it simply erases it. No matter what application you are using, you can undo typing by shaking your iPhone. If you want your text back, simply shake again.

22. Safari and Zoom In

In Safari double tap to zoom in. You can also “pinch” (putting your thumb and index finger on the screen and pinching in and out) to zoom in Safari and in Pictures.

23. What have you discovered?