This activity is based around using several apps and going on a journey of learning. It could be adapted for any subject or curriculum area.


Complete the activities and then write up your answers- see Part 7. We will then share our findings with the group.

iPod Touch Apps Needed:

  • Google Earth (free) Download from App Store
  • Geopedia (web)
  • Google Maps (already on iPod)
  • Google Latitude (web app)
  • Wikipanion (free) Download from App Store
  • Stopwatch
  • Blanks (free) Download from App Store
  • Stanza (free) Download from App Store
  • (Translator)
  • Phrasebooks- Japanese, German or French (Research on App Store and choose one to Download).
  • Step Trak Lite (free) Download from App Store
  • Evernote (free) Download from App Store
  • Tumblr (free) Download from App Store

Activity 1: Using a combination of Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Latitude to find your answers.
  1. iTunes-28-1.jpgUsing Google Earth (download free from App Store)
    1. Locate 3 landmarks from your home town (where you were born).
    2. Take 3 separate screenshots of these landmarks (will be saved in your photo browser)
  2. Using Google Latitude or Search Safari
    1. Ask 3 different people where they were born.
    2. Find out the latitude, longitude of each of these three places.
    3. Write the information in your notes app (already exists on Touch)
  3. Apple_-_iPod_touch_-_Get_directions_and_locate_yourself_with_Maps..jpg
    google maps
    Using Google Maps
    1. Locate the closest bus station to Thebarton Senior College
    2. Find this location on Google Maps.
    3. Use the directions tool to find out how to get from the train station to the school by walking.
    4. Email these to yourself and then use them later in your notes.

iTunes-9-1.jpgActivity 2: Finding out information relevant to the area around Adelaide and the school.
  1. Using wikipanion (free app) or search in safari find out this information. (record your notes in Evernote or Notes App, take screenshots where necessary).
    1. Relevant timetable to the bus station near Thebarton Senior College.
    2. Closest medical services: Dentist, Doctor, Hospital, Pathology.
    3. Closest Library-State and Local
    4. Centrelink office closest to school
    5. Community Groups for New Migrants

iTunes-38-1.jpgActivity 3: Measurement Time (related to Activity 1 and Activity 5)
  1. Using the stopwatch app, record how long it takes to get from (As in PHYSICALLY, go and walk using the STOPWATCH app)
    1. Closest Bus/Train Station to the school's front gates. (Compare this information to Google Maps).
    2. Write the answer in your notes tool.

iTunes-32-1.jpgActivity 4: Games Time-Review and a look at e-books.
  1. Look at free educational games- Free Grammar, Blanks
  2. Rate it from
    1. Awful
    2. Would use a little/not at all
    3. Good for practical aspects
    4. Great for learning a subject area
    5. Excellent source of -------
  3. Have a look at Stanza (e-reader) appiTunes-15-1.jpg
    1. What is the first line of Pride and predjudice?
    2. Name four other books that you can find in Stanza?

Activity 5: Translation and Learning Another Language!iTunes-26-1.jpg
  1. Your first task is the find out the translation for these 5 words in 3 OTHER LANGUAGES! (Write down your answers in the Notes Tool/Evernote)
  2. Use a translation app, or >
    1. Hello
    2. Goodbe
    3. Thankyou
    4. Please
    5. HELP!
  3. Travel Destination- Find one phrasebook on the App Store (or Web app) for these following languages. Only choose one language. (Write three common phrases down in your notes).
    1. Japanese 101
    2. German 101
    3. French 101

Activity 6: Health and Wellbeing
  1. Using the pedometer app (Step Trak Lite) measure how many calories and steps it takes you to walk from the closest train/bus station to the Thebarton's Senior College front gates. (Write down your results in the Notes).
    1. Calories
    2. Steps__
    3. Time it took (refer back to stopwatch tool).

Activity 7: Putting it all together!
  1. Recording your journey via
    1. Voice recordingApple_-_iPod_touch_-_Record_any_audio_you_want_with_Voice_Memos..jpg
    2. Evernote (for pics and notes) You will need open an account with evernote (
    3. Tumblr (App)-Journal Tool.iTunes-12-1.jpgYou will need open an account with
  2. There will be time to present your answers to the group. (Deadline!)